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The environment is peaceful and informal, cast away from city noise, surrounded by a primeveral nature, full of emotions, coloured by smelling flourishing bush of thyme and rosemary; an unforgettable landscape that entwines the past with the present and evokes an atmosphere full of suggestions as well as visible signs of the ancient cultures of the Mediterranean.


Surrounding Delights worth to visit.

   Ancient Capital City and Seat of Government of the Messapian Federation, land of the d.o.c (quality guaranteed mark) Primitivo red wine; stunning ancient megalithic messapian giant walls and the Roman-era Fons Mandurinum Fonte Pliniano (so called from an historic source coming directly from Pliny The Elder). In the central of modern city we can see the House Palace of the princely family of Imperiali, built-up on an ancient Norman-era fortress.

   Very ancient walled City set on the middle line between the two seas of the Salentian Peninsula, it holds one of the best-preserved Castels built by Emperor Frederick the II in Apulia.

   Famed for its renowned fine-arts pottery, dating back to Middle Ages.